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Integrating 600+ articles, 400+ videos, tons of illustrations, a pop-up glossary, hyperlinks to related content, exams for continuing education credits, and a marquee certification; it has never been easier to get the information you need and want in the format that suits your learning style best.


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We are working hard to get all Brookbush Institute content approved for continuing education credits for a variety of human movement professionals, including CPTs, PTs, PTAs, ATCs, LMTs and Group X instructors. The best part, the courses are built from the same articles and videos you were already enjoying. Each exam covers just 1 to 4 hours of material to optimize flexibility, accessibility and comprehension, and all courses are included in membership without additional cost.


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The Human Movement Specialist Certification is a marquee advanced credential, certifying the successful completion of 80 hours of evidence-based coursework. We want to raise the bar, and then make it accessible for everyone. That 80 hours of coursework is the same courses that you complete for your CE’s, built from the same content you were already enjoying, and we will keep track for you. You choose the courses that are most important to your current work environment, it’s all included in membership, with no additional fees.

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We are big on accessibility. With the Brookbush Institute App, learning on the go just got a lot easier. We want you to be able to learn, get credit and get your advanced credential during your commute, during your lunch break, during a client cancellation, or just because you have a little downtime. This is everything we offer, easily navigated on your phone, and it is FREE for members.



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"The Brookbush Institute provides intelligent research based body nerd content that feeds my insatiable curiosity and my own movement practice."
Trina Altman, Yoga Tune-up Instructor – Los Angeles, CA
" is the most practical resource for Human Movement Science Professionals like me!"
Dawn S, NASM CPT, CES, FNS - Cold Spring, NY
" is the definitive guidebook on Corrective Exercise."
Christa B, MA CPT - NY, NY
"I always go back to this site for reference… corrective exercise, imbalances, anatomy, subsystems, etc., and it's also a great place to get your CEC's!"
Ari T, ACSM CPT – Queens, NY
"I recommend to everyone I know.  I cannot wait to take their next live workshop!"
Shelly D, Coach/Personal Trainier, San Antonio, TX

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