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All online courses and live workshops count toward the Human Movement Specialist (HMS) certification.
You will have full access to BrentBrookbush.com with either membership. The annual membership rewards your commitment to education with a savings of about $40 per year when compared to 12 months of the monthly membership. You can cancel either membership type at any time.
There is no additional cost for the certification, it is included in the cost of a membership ($19.99/month or $199/year).
Memberships are $19.99/month or $199.00/year, cancel anytime, and we offer a 30 day money back guarantee.
Membership gives you full access to BrentBrookbush.com. The site includes all accredited online courses, articles, videos, path to the Human Movement Specialist Certification, and the BI App for mobile friendly navigation. No additional costs.
Yes, and as the Brookbush Institute and number of HMS certified professionals continues to grow, so will the reputation of the credential and the professionals who attain it.
We are accredited by ProCert (FSBPT) to provide PTs and PTAs with CEs, which covers most states. The states that are not covered by ProCert we have either sought accreditation directly or are in the process of acquiring accreditation. Most states not accredited do have petition programs that would still allow our courses to be submitted, but please check with your local board if your state is not expressly covered in this map.  
It's up to you; we purposefully designed it that way. We want you to have the choice to study at your own pace. The Human Movement Specialist (HMS) Certification is awarded to any member who acquires 80 course credits. Each of our more than 80 online courses ranges from 1 - 4 credits (hours), you get credit for every course you complete (including passing the short final exam), and we keep track of your total points. The courses can be completed on your desktop of mobile device (via the BI App). THERE IS NO LARGE END EXAM. When you complete 80 course credits the certification is yours! You can also do one or more of our live workshops, each live course counting for 16 credits; however, courses have a separate fee (Course Calendar).
Membership to BrentBrookbush.com gives you full access to all our online resources (accredited courses, videos, articles, BI App and Human Movement Specialist certification). There are no additional fees. Access is just $19.99/month or $199.00/year, cancel at any time.
This platform is set up for convenience, choice and optimal delivery. Once you are a member you can take any of our courses on your desktop or mobile device (via the BI App) with no additional cost. You can view our growing library of short (1 - 4 hours) and convenient courses and exams on our online courses page. Members can even test their knowledge on a topic by taking the practice exams (no penalty, take as many times as you want). If you do poorly on a practice exam, you can either start studying that course or start with a different course else. If you rocked the practice exam, you may be able to take the final without any additional study, but... keep in mind you only get 2 attempts to pass a final exam with 70% correct. If you fail a final exam twice you are locked out of the course for 90 days.
Go to BrentBrookbush.com, "Log in" and click on "My Account" in the top bar. In the "My Account" page, next to your listed membership type, you will see an orange button labeled "Cancel". Click the button and follow the instructions.
We hope to offer CEs to chiropractors soon. Accreditation for DCs is very different than accreditation for other professionals.  Accrediting bodies for DCs not only want a sizable upfront fee, but also want a kickback for every course taken by a chiropractor. This is a practice we think is closer to racketeering than fair practice. We are working on a solution that we hope will allow us to offer CEs to chiropractors in early 2019. We do suggest that all DCs attempt to put an end to this practice by calling (970) 356-3500) or emailing pace@fclb.org and creating online petitions to force accrediting bodies to rethink this practice.  It is, without a doubt, limiting evidence-based education opportunities for your practice.
Yes, you will need 20 additional credits every two years to continue the certification.
No, you do not need be a member to advertise your certification; however, you will need to complete 20 credits per 2 year period to maintain your certification.
Yes, although you will need to submit our courses through their petition process. Unfortunately, ACE and NSCA do not have a pricing model for approving online continuing education providers like BrentBrookbush.com. We have spoken to both organizations and we are hopeful that something will be worked out soon. We do suggest that all ACE and NSCA certified professionals call, submit letters, or e-mail these organizations and ask them to create a pricing model for online providers very soon.
Yes, the courses that count toward your Human Movement Specialist (HMS) Certification are the same courses we accredited for continuing education credits.
There is no time commitment. You can join for as long as you like and cancel at any time.
Absolutely, "HMS" is the designation for the Human Movement Specialist (HMS) Certification. Feel free to list your degrees, licences, certifications and this specialization after your name, for example, Brent Brookbush DPT, PT, CSCS, HMS