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"The Brookbush Institute provides intelligent research based body nerd content that feeds my insatiable curiosity and my own movement practice."
Trina Altman, Yoga Tune-up Instructor – Los Angeles, CA
"Brentbrookbush.com is the most practical resource for Human Movement Science Professionals like me!"
Dawn S, NASM CPT, CES, FNS - Cold Spring, NY
"BrentBrookbush.com is the definitive guidebook on Corrective Exercise."
Christa B, MA CPT - NY, NY
"I always go back to this site for reference… corrective exercise, imbalances, anatomy, subsystems, etc., and it's also a great place to get your CEC's!"
Ari T, ACSM CPT – Queens, NY
"I recommend BrentBrookbush.com to everyone I know.  I cannot wait to take their next live workshop!"
Shelly D, Coach/Personal Trainier, San Antonio, TX
"Without your help I would not have reached the level of knowledge & skill I have today as a trainer, therapist and now educator!"
Daniel Bryan, NEXTGEN Fitness - UK
“Superb Evidence-based content that is instantly applicable to anyone who wants to move and feel better. Can’t recommend the Brookbush Institute enough. One of the nicest and smartest men in the industry and a huge mentor and influence on our method at real fitness. Can’t wait to have these guys back in the UK again."
James Cox, Real Fitness - UK